Vineman & Upcoming Key Races

I had Vineman 70.3 on the weekend and finally put together an almost complete race.  I’ve been a little frustrated this year, going along alright but haven’t been able to put together a whole race. Vineman I finally felt like I have turned the corner, just in time for a week off!!

I swam really well coming out second and then had a really good transition jumping on the bike with a little gap. Greg Bennett then rode up to me after a few miles riding like a mad man. I was able to hang on for the first half an hour until he remembered we were riding 90km not 40km!!  The second half of the bike I felt super strong. The further it went the better I felt.

I got into transition first and out onto the run with a 5sec gap over GB. GB then passed me 1mile into the run and I kept him at 20sec until about 8mile where I started to struggle. With a couple miles to go my Trek/K-Swiss team mate Joe Gambles ran passed me and I held on for 3rd.

All in all I was pretty happy. Things are moving in the right direction. One week off now and then a big 6week block leading into the big races of the season: Des Moines, then 70.3 World Champs in Vegas, then 5 weeks later IM World Champs in Kona.

Huge Thank You to my great sponsors Trek, K-Swiss, Blueseventy, FuelBelt, Campagnolo, Bontrager.  Thanks to Oakley, Base Performance, Powerbar, Nuun for the product.

Updates After Ironman Melbourne

I had a couple weeks off after the Ironman to let the body have a rest, then got back into some training and raced St Anthony’s 5150, finishing 9th in a very good field which I was pretty happy with.  The week later I finished 4th at the prestigious Wildflower half Ironman. I was a little disappointed with this result and didn’t have my usual “Barny standard” day!! But to still finish 4th, make a bit of money and have that be a bad day, is actually not the worst thing.  You can’t always have good days, it’s about limiting those bad days that counts.
Yesterday I won the Memphis in May 5150 triathlon. Its a time trial start so a little different to
all other races which makes it a little weird. It was very hot and very windy which also made it even harder but
I was happy with the race.  Now looking forward to Rev 3 Quassy and Boise 70.3 in the next few weeks.

Ironman Melbourne

I ended up finishing in 6th place in a time of 8hrs 5mins and 58secs in what we think is one of the fastest Ironman debuts ever in the sport.  The race went to plan. Being my first one I wasn’t 100% sure how hard to push and i had my nutrition plan mapped out but when you start racing you just never know but everything went well.
I’d put together a good 10 weeks of training and knew if I was smart I could go well.
The swim was good I felt good sitting in the lead group and I was first of the group onto the bike with Clayton Fettell
a couple minutes up the road.  The plan was to sit in the front pack, keep eating and to check out what it was all about. It was actually a lot different to what I thought it was going to be with a lot of surges and the last 40km being the key with lots of people struggling in the last bit.
I started out second onto the run but was quickly passed by 4 guys who were flying. I didn’t want to go out too fast so I didn’t blow up so I tried to hold back as much as I could. I ended up getting away from Luke Bell and Joe Gambles about 15km then ran by myself the rest of the way with David Dellow passing me just before 30km. The last 10km was hard but managed to get through it and move up to 9th in the Ironman rankings, fingers crossed qualifying for Kona.
A Huge thank you to all my friends and family for supporting me especially the ones that were in Melbourne.
Also thank you to the guys at Oakley for lunch and the sunnies and Greg Cox for the nutrition plan.
My great sponsors Trek, K-Swiss, Blueseventy, Cyclops, Fuel Belt, Jack and Adams, Base Performance, Bontrager, Campagnolo, & Nuun.