Super Bowl 50

This piece is my opinion of what the Denver Broncos have to do to win Super Bowl 50!

I’m no NFL coach just an avid fan but to me the first two things that would be on the coaches keys to the game would be for the defense to get pressure to the quarterback and for the offense to make plays on third down to keep drives going.

The Broncos defense has carried the offense all season. There’s no denying it. I think they will need to do it one more time to win the Super Bowl.

The Panthers led by the soon to be announced MVP from this season, Cam Newton is a high scoring offense. They have won their last two games 49-15 over a very good Cardinals defense (leading 24-7 at halftime). 31-24 over another very good defense in the Seahawks with it being 31-0 at halftime. The Panthers start really fast and put their opposition on the back foot straight away and they never recover.This is where the Broncos defense comes in. They have to get to the quarterback early and often. It’s going to be a test for the Panthers offensive line because they haven’t played a defense as good the Broncos all year.

Cam Newton is playing the best football of his career at the moment and has been unstoppable this year. He can do it all. Rushing and passing. He is also a confidence player. The key for the Broncos defense is getting pressure/hitting Newton early and often. If they can get to him early and dent his confidence a little the Broncos are going to have a chance in this one.

The Panthers are the number one rushing team in the NFL and the Broncos defense is number two against the rush. The defense has to stop the run and make Newton throw it. Newton has made some big plays throwing to Ginn, Olsen and Brown but I’d prefer Newton throwing it than running it. If the secondary can lock up his receivers for any length of time it will give the likes of Miller, Ware, Jackson and Wolfe time to get to Newton. As we saw in the patriots game they don’t need much time. If they can keep the Panthers to a field goal or less in the first quarter, a situation they are not used to some panic might set in for the Panthers and the Broncos will have a chance.

On the other side of the ball we have all heard that Peyton Manning doesn’t have an arm or it has weakened to a point where he can’t throw it well anymore. Well that arm is going to have to get the Broncos out of some tight spots on Sunday. The Broncos are going to have to convert some 3rd and longs. The Panthers Defense is to good not to force quite a few third and longs on the Broncos. The person that is going to keep those drives going is Manning. To my untrained eye he actually threw the ball alright two weeks ago it was his receivers that let him down. If they can do a better job at catching the passes from Manning I think they have a shot at scoring some points. The two weeks between the AFC Championship game and the Super Bowl will have done Manning the world of good. The tightness and soreness from the Patriots game should have subsided now and I think he’ll be good to go.

I have a sneaky feeling that CJ Anderson is going to have a huge game. I think he’ll rush for over 100yds and a TD which will be huge in helping Manning keep the third downs manageable and to help him with some time to throw the ball.

One thing I have learnt over my years of racing is that you never doubt a champion and you don’t get experience overnight. Manning will go down as one of the great quarterbacks of all time (no matter what people think about his regular and post season records) having already won a Super Bowl he knows what to do. Obviously Newton and the Panther are going to be hard to stop. They’re in great form but for me albeit I am biased a Broncos win on Sunday for me. Manning will get another ring and retire just like his boss John Elway and CJ Anderson will be the MVP!

Go Broncos