In 2017 I’ve decided to start coaching.
I want to share the knowledge that I have learned over a 16yr career racing in the professional triathlon ranks.
I’ve trained under some of the best coaches in the world. I’ve trained with some of the best athletes in the world. I’ve learned something from each coach and athlete I’ve been around and used that knowledge to coach myself to an 8hr 5min 58sec debut Ironman. I’ve also raced all over the world on all different course including at Kona 3 times so far!
I’ve been through the highs and lows of this sport. I understand the family, work, triathlon balance. I live it everyday!
I can put together a program that maximizes your time and gets the most out your mind and body to help you reach your goals.
If you’re interested go to my website at and send me a message and I can give you more details.